DIANOEIDOS: Sketches in the Theory of Form and Ideas. “Dianoeidos”, the name of this blog, derives from the Greek, dianoia meaning “understanding” and eidos meaning “ideas.” It’s also rooted in the notion of noesis meaning “cognition.” Therefore, dianoeidos, for our purposes here, roughly means “understanding ideas.” In other words, only by interacting with ideas, and working with them, can we truly understand what they are and how they contribute to the whole of human knowledge.

The purpose of this blog is to look at a number of ideas from the different areas of the liberal arts, to play around with them, in the hope of better understanding such ideas. Some of this will be done by a simple written-analysis, examining these ideas for their basic content and meaning. Some of it will be done by sketching these ideas out in terms of flowcharts and diagrams. Hopefully, by doing this, the meaning and content of these ideas will become clearer. And, that, in turn, should give us all a better picture of how the totality of knowledge is shaped.

I welcome your inputs on my posts. To suggest future posts, pursue topics further, or to elaborate on comments you or others have made here, I can be emailed at LRondial@gmail.com. Thank you.

Luke Rondinaro, Blog Owner


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