Looking at the Deep Structure of Reality

Looking at the “Deep Structure of Reality”:  Science on the Edge of “Scientia”


This piece on the “deep structure of reality” is really quite fascinating.  I hope you take a moment to look at it, and then think about just what it is he’s saying here … We usually think about reality as what we perceive right in front of nose, eyes, and ears – the solid, substantial, positive, and empirical world of our modern lives.  But, what if there’s something more to it? …  What if it’s under-lied by a deeper world that’s, at once, weirder than metaphysical-idealism & yet is more weight-able actually than the classical phenomena of Newtonian science?

It’s a neat point Frank Wilczek’s making in this video presentation.

I just wonder if we realize how revolutionary something like this truly is!  In my mind, not only does this piece touch on the classic debate over positivism versus metaphysics; but it also forces us to revisit the whole notion of what normal, ordinary REALITY is to begin with, even if we don’t subscribe to supernatural agencies and so forth operating in the world.

More than that, it calls to mind the claims of the Post-modernists, psychologists, and Anthropologists. … The ‘real world’ as we’ve always looked at it and seen it is a function of our social and cultural perspective.  It’s a construct of the mind, and it’s our way of making sense of a world, that fundamentally, makes no sense to our standard way of thinking about and perceiving things.  Is this, then, what the world “looks like” when we remove such a culturally-conditioned, socially-construct[ed]  ‘curtain’ of (apperceived) ‘reality?’ … A lava lamp? … An interesting, albeit, slightly unsettling idea.

What, then, should we conclude about our world based on this science?  What does this all mean?  Is this, then, the Flux of Heraclitus that we’re witnessing play out before us in mathematical and physical scientific terms? Is this what Aristotle actually was driving at in his distinctions about (prime) matter and form, substance and accidents, and essence?

These are points to ponder as Quantum Mechanics uncovers more and more about the basics of our universe in its material constituency.

Science is great!  But I wonder sometimes if we really have the necessary Ontology and Epistemology to keep up with all its instrumental sophistication and empirical advancements? …

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